Exterior Siding Options: Which One Would You Choose?

Nothing can impact the look of a home more radically than an exterior siding. So, always look for siding materials, which suit the flair of your home and fits your standard of living. Here are some common materials used for exterior siding. Go for the one that suits you the best.

Siding ContractorsFiber Cement – This resembles stucco, wood and masony. It is a durable and natural looking siding material. Cement fiber is a great optionIf for those who wish to get the natural look of a wood. This material is termite resistant and fireproof.

Cedar Shingle – Homes that are sided in this material look wonderful with wooded settings. Made of original cedar, they are usually available in gray, stained brown or other earthen hues. Cedar Shingles looks like original wood but need less care than wood clapboard. Continue reading