What Is Gottashopit And How It Works?

Gottashopit is created to connect people who have product or service needs with local trusted businesses. Gottashopit’s main aim is to provide the best possible value to both the consumers as well as the service/product providers. Consumers post their needs (hiring  home improvement services and legal services to air conditioner mechanics and car broking services) with us for free, and local companies that are enlisted to our site get a ready market to establish their businesses further.

GottaShopItEvery job that our consumers post is manually reviewed by our team and once approved the posting becomes live for viewing by product/service providers. It is only then that different bidders start bidding to get that particular business.

The desired number of firms that the consumer has set to receive bids from and the length of auction determines the number of bids a consumer obtains. After the bidding is complete, consumers evaluate the portfolios of the product/service providers, do qualification screenings and read client testimonials to find the one that is best suitable for the job.

Our consumers know that it is completely their duty to validate the precision of the documents like insurance proof, licensure proof and bonding information when selecting the provider even though Gottashopit asks companies to provide them when needed. Once a consumer awards the winner, Gottashopit  sends the service/product provider a notification with the contact details of the consumer and they get in touch with the shopper within 24 hours.


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